All our Chickens 
aren't caged! We prioritise the welfare of our chickens


Sustainable- We replace fishmeal and soymeal with

Black Soldier Flies.

By utilising other agricultural waste, we manage to reduce feed cost by up to 90%

We give out

free chickens/chicks to poor families in the community. 

chick icon.png

One Micro-hatchery produces up to 1,500 chicks a month. Coupled with our Black Soldier fly technology, we are able to reduce protein cost in the community significantly.


How does it work?

We partner NGOs, Churches in the community to distribute chickens, chicken coops and training for our Zero-cost feed formula. These chickens are bought from Chicken Hatcheries in the community. If there is no Chicken hatchery, we will explore building one with our partners.

How does the farm value-add to a community?

Many rural communities do not have sufficient affordable protein. Coupled with our Black Soldier Fly technology, we are able to supply affordable protein to the families (Cost of feed reduced up to 90%). We work with community partners to distribute chickens to poor families.

What is the Black Soldier Fly?

The Black Soldier Fly (BSF) has the ability to transform any food/organic waste into protein. The BSF can replace soymeal and feed meal that are conventionally used for chicken feed. As such this allowed our model to be both sustainable and scalable. 

Cost breakdown for a farm (Rough breakdown)/About $450 Net profit per month

1. Infrastructure cost ($3,000)

2. 100 Chickens to start ($500)

3. Chicken/BSF items: ($300)

4. Feed grinder ($300)

5. Chicken incubator ($1,200)

6. Pond digging ($700)