Our Chicken Story started in 2016 with a simple heart’s desire to feed the hungry in Asia in an empowering and dignifying way. Our Story began in Cambodia where we met 2 orphaned boys called Mic and See- our hearts broke when we saw them heartily savouring a simple meal of eggs. Such food was considered a luxury, and protein was actually rare. We witnessed how children were undernourished and how their parents were in despair. 


We built a chicken farm near the orphanage that housed up to 300 chickens. With the steady flow of eggs, they have received a means of livelihood- to set up a simple business with the sale of eggs as well as fill their hungry tummies. With their skilled hands in agricultural work, taking care of chickens was not an unfamiliar task. 


The significance of our logo (A full rainbow) was birthed when I (Caleb) never fail to see a full rainbow during the first 2-3 trips to Cambodia and Thailand. We believe that a rainbow signifies a promise that will never be broken. 


Our role is merely a steward of what is given to us. We humbly ask that you partner us to combat against hunger and poverty in these rural communities. Thank you and let's make Our Story a story that belongs to you and me.