100% model

100% of public donation will go into the ground. This means that all of your donations will be used to build the chicken projects and not the operational side of the business.


Report (foundational years): 2016-2020


Feed a Family

With just $70-$150 (Depending on location and need), we can feed a family. A typical family has about 5 people in the household

We work through our farms to:
- Supply 10 chicks to identified poor families 

- Set up Black Soldier Fly bin that reduces feed cost up to 90%

- Families can sell surplus eggs/chickens back to our farms


Feeding of the 5,000

With just $6,000, we can benefit an entire village. A typical village we are working in has about 4000-6000 people. 

A chicken hatchery can benefit the village by:
- Supply chicks to families 

- Our Black Soldier Fly technology reduces feed cost by up to 90%

- We give free chicks to poor families (Commit 10% of every month's output)

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