Girl Running by the Sea

Run to feed


Will the Chicken or Egg come first?
Join us to answer this question in our  

Chicken or Egg Virtual Run


Are you on Team Egg or Team Chicken’s side? Pick your side and compete with your spouse, friends or loved ones to decide who will come first!

With every sign up, you will be able to feed a family! 

(We give 1 chicken or 8 chicks to a poor family in Rural Chiangmai/Cambodia with every sign ups)


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We work through our farms to distribute the chickens to the families:

Leader: Sophal

Country: Cambodia
Province: Kampot
Number of Poor families to benefit:
214 families


Leader: Pat

Country: Thailand

Province: Chiangmai

Number of Poor families to benefit:
100 families (Approximate)


Leader: Chel

Country: Cambodia

Province: Kampong Thom

Number of Poor families to benefit:

80 families